At the dawn of the civilization, human beings were living in the lap of nature depending on hunting and food gathering. As time advanced, technological innovations drove them in the direction of settled agriculture on the bank of river and water bodies, integrating them with the practice of animal husbandry and fisheries. Ecological exploitation to fulfill their requirements was at bare minimum during those days.

Rapid population growth forced man to transform natural resources (land, water, air & vegetation) at a rapid rate to generate useable products. This process laid the onset of environmental degradation, which in due course reached to its peak. In many parts of the world, mismatch between food production and population growth led to starvation or maladies which forced the planners for rapid transformation of natural resources to produce more without giving any thought for its ecological consequences. Of course, the entire world succeeded in saving the life of millions, but at the cost of our environment. When the self sufficiency level is achieved, we should be rational and more concerned towards the health of our mother earth. The human survival and its co-existence depend upon maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the entire earth.

‘e-planet’ journal is established in the right perspective for encouraging science and research to work together on alternative ways and means of using natural resources for reducing the adverse impact on our environment.

The name e-planet has been chosen keeping in mind the future protection of planet’s environment through involvement of electronic media along with implementation of other measures. In the age of commercialization, free flow of knowledge across the world for greener technologies is another big challenge which stands on the way of achieving ecological sustainability. By making its information free across the world (open access), team e-planet led the march of liberating mother earth from pollution through sharing of knowledge. Let’s join hands with the concept of saving planet earth by support of greener and eco-friendly technologies, and its free flow across the world.