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  • To support the protect the planet earth programme.

  • To make easy the living condition of human being and other beings.

  • Help world beautification programme.

  • To facilitate aforestation programme.

  • To promote general awareness on environment consequences.

  • Assisting the Govt in formulation of Environment policies.

  • Promotion of Social contribution.

  • To mobilize unemployed youth towards self employment

  • To promote rural development programmes

  • To facilitate in reviewing and accessing the conservation status.

  • To promote the conservation of wild life.

  • Creating awareness for arresting environmental degradation under following matters.

          1. High Urbanization
          2. Water logging, salinity and alkalinity
          3. Soil erosion
          4. Damage of flora and fauna
          5. Human settlements
          6. industrial wastages
          7. Deforestation
          8. Pollution of Water and Soil.
  • Assisting in implementation of NCEPC programme.

  • Supporting and acting fast on natural calamities.

  • To carry out other social and cultural activities.

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